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leaking showers frequently asked questions

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leaking showers frequently asked questions

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Rhys Daniel answers leaking shower frequently asked questions


Meet Rhys Daniel

Rhys Daniel, Shower Dr’s CEO talks about our company’s corporate culture, customer service focus, workmanship and answers a few leaking shower frequently asked questions. After watching this short video you’ll know when a shower can be repaired and when more substantial work needs to be undertaken.


What is a leaking shower?

Everybody always asks me what a leaking shower is. Obviously, we have a few different things in a bathroom that could be leaking. The obvious thing is your pipe work inside your walls which might prompt you to call a plumber, but the reality is that this would be less than 1 in 100 showers. The most common reason for a leaking shower would be an issue with the waterproofing.

So, when we go out to people’s houses and we discover they have got a leaking shower, the first thing is how are we going to fix it?

Obviously, we need to determine exactly what’s going wrong with the shower and that’s probably where a lot of companies like ours get it wrong, they always just try and think of the one fix for every shower.

The reality is there are lots of different reasons why your shower might be leaking, and we need to discover exactly what the cause is before we can offer a solution. All of our solutions are tailor-made for whatever the problem in your bathroom is and to suit the construction making sure that we have a long lasting and permanent solution.

Now we’ve inspected your shower and we’ve worked out that it is leaking due to a waterproofing concern, the next step is to work out how we’re going to fix it. If like a lot of our showers, we can save your shower with a Shower Doctor standard leaking shower service. That means we can seal your shower at the tire level by preventing any water making it back underneath, therefore the water can’t make it to the hole in your waterproofing.

This is done by using Mapei’s 100 percent waterproof epoxy grout. If you’ve got ceramic or porcelain tiles that are completely waterproof, much like your cereal bowl you eat your breakfast out of, we can now seal the entire shower at the level of that tile. This is a quick effective way to achieve a long-term solution to save your leaking shower. The way that we achieve this is by using the best available products installed professionally. You should have a really nice clean shower that will give you trouble-free use for years to come.

This company knows how to deliver outstanding quality and workmanship. I had a complete bathroom rebuild and the result has blown me away. I would only recommend these guys and am so impressed with their detail in delivering a fully leak proof bathroom that looks and feels modern, sophisticated and luxurious.

Vicki, Google Review

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