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leaking showers frequently asked questions

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Keeping your shower recess germ free and safe

We’re heading into what many experts are calling our most worrying flu season yet. With COVID-19 on the rise in SEQ, personal hygiene has become absolutely paramount and is one of the most effective means of slowing it’s spread.

Good personal hygiene starts in the home. As such, it is our mission to continue to provide expert and affordable bathroom maintenance services to ensure families across SEQ have safe, clean and functioning bathrooms to maintain their personal health and hygiene. And, we intend to do so whilst upholding the highest standards of care for you and our staff. (Read more about The Shower Dr COVID-19 Safety Measures here).

It’s natural to want to avoid inviting people into your home while this virus runs its course. However, if you have a badly leaking shower that’s causing moisture build up in your home, or even worse, causing mould and mildew to occur, you may find the health benefits of fixing these bathroom issues outweigh the risk of inviting a tradesperson into your home. Provided they have an adequate risk management plan in place for the wellbeing of customers and staff.

Mould and damp spaces are a common cause of respiratory illness and something all homeowners should be wary of, particularly during flu season. Leaking or poorly constructed showers are notorious for causing dampness and mould in the bathroom and or adjoining rooms. These are ideal breeding grounds for a range of germs and bacteria. Not what you want when heading into one of our scariest flu seasons yet.

Government guidelines recommend that you regularly wipe down and disinfect all common areas. These include toilets, vanities and your shower recess. Porous grouts and dirty tiles are notoriously difficult to keep hygienic.

Here are some of the ways The Shower Dr can help you and your family stay healthy this flu season.


shower serviceGrout and Silicone Removal

All Shower Dr services start with the removal of all dirty, stained and defective grout and silicone within the shower recess, shower screen and behind the taps and fittings. We penetrate a minimum of 6 millimetres deep to remove the source of the mould and any potential entry points for water to get behind the tile.



shower serviceChemical Clean & Mould Treatment

All Shower Dr services receive a hospital grade chemical clean to the shower recess area. This is designed to remove any hidden bacteria, mould, mildew. Making the recess as hygienic as possible.



shower serviceRegrout & Reseal

We will then re-grout your shower floor and perimeter using a hospital grade epoxy grout (Mapei Kerapoxy). Not only will this provide a completely waterproof barrier at the tile level, ensuring all leaks are permanently sealed, epoxy grout is mould resistant, easy to clean and completely waterproof. We will also carefully and thoroughly re-seal behind taps and shower rose.



shower serviceClean and Disinfect

The Shower Dr finishes every job with a thorough clean of the work area. As an additional precaution during the flu season, we will completely disinfect all work areas.



How do we know our staff will uphold our stringent safety standards?
Simply put, we don’t use subcontractors. Every trade that will enter your home are direct employees of The Shower Dr and all have been thoroughly briefed on these measures and are absolutely committed to upholding them. We are updating our staff daily on new information relating to Coronavirus and will continue to apply every new measure advised by the Australian Government.

This company knows how to deliver outstanding quality and workmanship. I had a complete bathroom rebuild and the result has blown me away. I would only recommend these guys and am so impressed with their detail in delivering a fully leak proof bathroom that looks and feels modern, sophisticated and luxurious.

Vicki, Google Review

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